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    Did you know you can submit a ticket directly through your MyGeotab Database? Just navigate to the Support Addin → Add Request. Learn how to do so here
      • Popular Articles

      • Creating and Managing Groups

        Click here or see below for instructions on creating and managing groups in MyGeotab You can organize your vehicles, exceptions, zones and users into groups to match the layout of your own organization. For instance, if your organization has East and ...
      • How to create a custom speeding rule with speed limit and duration?

        How to create a custom speeding rule manually: Navigate to Rules & Groups > Rules. Click Add at the top. Click the Conditions tab. Click Add speed to creates a condition of Over or Under a specific speed. Click Add speed limit to creates a condition ...
      • How to setup Exceptions Detail Reports for individual rules?

        Go to MyGeotab > Administration > Reports > Report Views  In template name, search for "Exceptions Detail Report" > View Report > Options > Apply Changes Download the Excel file Navigate back to Administration > Reports > Emailed Reports  Press "Add ...
      • Creating a New User

        Agent: Morgan Head to Administrator ---> Users ---> click ADD USER Tab: User(Email): The username. It's suggested you use an email, that way they can receive alerts/reports. First/last name: Name of the employee Authentication Type: Leave as basic, ...
      • Move Go device to a new vehicle

        Please follow the below steps to correctly move the device between vehicles : Steps Physically unplug the GO device from the old vehicle In the MyGeotab database, click on Vehicles Select the old vehicle from which you just unplugged the GO device ...