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    Did you know you can submit a ticket directly through your MyGeotab Database? Just navigate to the Support Addin → Add Request. Learn how to do so here
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      • Get Started by Scheduling Training

        Join A Weekly Webinar Geotab - Getting started & MyGeotab   Every Monday @ 12.00 PM(EST) DURATION : 30 min AGENDA  : Learn how to manage users & vehicles, set up your own rules along with some general navigation tips Download Webinar Agenda Download ...
      • Creating and Managing Groups

        Click here or see below for instructions on creating and managing groups in MyGeotab You can organize your vehicles, exceptions, zones and users into groups to match the layout of your own organization. For instance, if your organization has East and ...
      • Editing/Setting a Default Driver for a Vehicle

        Ticket: 86897 Client: Hastings Utilities Agent: Morgan Crunkleton How do I set the default driver for a vehicle?   To set the default driver, select the vehicle on the map. click on it and assign driver. Then select the driver, be sure to ensure the ...
      • Tablet Troubleshooting

        This articles explains the troubleshooting steps to take when your tablet is not connecting to the network. Mobile/Network Settings When dealing with network issues for tablets, we need to check the mobile/network settings. Steps       1. Go to ...
      • How to create a custom speeding rule with speed limit and duration?

        How to create a custom speeding rule manually: Navigate to Rules & Groups > Rules. Click Add at the top. Click the Conditions tab. Click Add speed to creates a condition of Over or Under a specific speed. Click Add speed limit to creates a condition ...