Geotab GoDevice troubleshooting instructions

Geotab GoDevice troubleshooting instructions

Geotab Troubleshooting
Information to Collect 
Record the information of any hardware that is currently in use:

GO device serial number (12 characters, visible on the device, starts with G);
Auxiliary hardware connections (e.g. IOX-AUX, T-Harness, third-party accessories, etc.); and
Make, model, year, and VIN of the vehicle in which the hardware is installed.

On initial power-up, all three LEDs on the GO device will flash once in unison indicating that the device is receiving power. If none of the LEDs flash, this is an indicator that the device is not powered on.

After the initial flash, the Green LED will briefly turn solid indicating that the modem is connected to our servers. The Blue LED will also briefly turn solid indicating that the GPS is working. Both LEDs will eventually shut down if the ignition is turned off.

Once the ignition is turned on, the following are common light sequences indicating an issue:

No lights 
Red only
Red and Blue only (most common)
Red and Green only
Level 1 Troubleshooting

(Routine Connectivity & Install Check)
Check for connectivity and installation issues:
Power cycle the device (Unplug the device and Plug it back in)
Try the device in another vehicle that's been known to be working in the past.
Try the device using another harness or no harness at all.
For GPS problems, please make sure the device has a clear view of the open sky and that it’s in an area with adequate cellular coverage.
 For GPS problems, please try placing the device higher up in the vehicle and closer to the dash. 6. Inspect for damage
Take the vehicle on a quick 5-10-minute drive to allow the device to connect to the various cell towers in the area and look for any positive change
 After the drive, while the vehicle is still running, please take note of which colored lights (Red/Green/Blue) display on the device.
Additional Notes:
1. Perform the test in an area with clear skies away from tall buildings and trees.
2. Perform the test in an area with good cellular coverage.
3. Test the device without any IOX extensions connected.
4. Test the device in a vehicle where it can be directly connected to the OBDII port, i.e. without the use of a harness.
5. Test the device in a vehicle with a working Go device.
6. Test a known working device in one of the vehicles.

Note: Regardless of hardware issues, always make sure the user has checked each and every connection — including harnesses and/or the IOX, if applicable. The vast majority of issues result from insecure connections.

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