Creating a New User

Creating a New User

Agent: Morgan

Head to Administrator ---> Users ---> click ADD


User(Email): The username. It's suggested you use an email, that way they can receive alerts/reports.
First/last name: Name of the employee
Authentication Type: Leave as basic, never change this
Force Password Change on next login: Emails the user login instructions and prompts them to change their password the first time they log in. Note: an email will need to be used as a username in order to use this function. Otherwise, you can turn it off and manually give them a password
Security Clearance: Appoint the user as an admin, driver etc. Custom security clearances can be created
Data Access: select which groups the user will have access to

Driver Tab:

If this user is a driver, click "Yes".

You can then assign a key Fob to the user under Add new driver Key if you are using the NFC reader system
You can also add driver license information.

NOTE: Driver License information is REQUIRED for the ELD/HOS system

UI Settings Tab:

Here is where you can set up UI preferences for each individual user.
Set their measurement system (Metric or Imperial), how their date and time are displayed etc.
This is set on a user by user basis, so every user can have their own preferences set.

NOTE: Don't forget to click save when done setting up the user

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