Custom Parameters

Custom Parameters

How do I perform advanced configuration of my IOX device?

To enter custom parameters for your vehicles, perform the following from your Geotab database: Vehicles > (select vehicle) > + More details > Custom parameters > (copy and paste the desired custom parameter) > Add new parameter > Save.

The following custom parameter is used in the cases where the seatbelt alerts are being wrongfully triggered:

<GoParameters><Parameter Description="Clear Saved Seatbelt and Odometer" Bytes="80" Offset="64"/></GoParameters>

* Custom parameter is also used in the cases where the Odometer readings for a registered vehicle are not correct, by resetting the collection

The following custom parameter is used when the GoTalk volume needs to be manually preset to a constant volume:

<GoParameters><Parameter Description="GoTalk min Volume level=2 (0 to 6)" Offset="175" Bytes="2"/></GoParameters>
* To change the constant volume of the GoTalk device, change the Bytes variable to any number between 0 and 6. 0 being silent

Agent: Nik
Date: May 30, 2019

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