Geotab - How to Initialize Seatbelt Detection Logic

Geotab - How to Initialize Seatbelt Detection Logic

Issue: Go Device continuous beeping (after swiping NFC badge) Reset seatbelt parameter

Here are the steps to be completed in order to initialize the seatbelt detection logic:
  1. Ensure that seatbelt status is not already initialized on the device.
  2. Turn the ignition on with the seatbelt unbuckled.
  3. Buckle the seatbelt within 20 seconds of the ignition ON.
  4. Unbuckle the seatbelt after driving, before the ignition OFF.
  5. Ignition OFF within 20 seconds of unbuckling the seatbelt.
  6. At least 2 consecutive trips with a valid seatbelt source(confidence level > 60%) are required before it is locked in.

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