How to Merge data from different Databases

How to Merge data from different Databases

This article explains how to merge data from different databases.


We currently have no feature available to merge databases. There are currently two options that our customers can explore:
  1. Customers can make the GO devices historical in old database and their data will be safe and will not be deleted/archived as long as they log in at least once a month. They can then add the serial Numbers from the old database to the new database so all the live data from those Go devices will be available in their desired new database.
  2. In special cases we do offer the option of re-sending up to 2 months of data from GO devices as this data is stored in our Gateway archives (CONTACT GEOTAB FOR IT). Data before the past 2 month will not be resent. Before we can perform the data resend, customer will need to confirm that they have added all the device serial numbers from old database to the desired database and made them historical in the old database.

Additional Notes

  1. Data resend will likely cause a backlog of data and downtime, hence the customer should be informed about it in advance.
  2. Please also note in both cases there will be no way to transport rules, manual HOS logs, users and zones between the two databases.
  3. Customers can also explore "Database Export" to import the data into a "New database" (that has no GPS data) for data transferring purposes. Using this, they can then import rules, HOS logs, Users and Zones into the New database as well.

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