How to retrieve video footages from AD Plus Device ?

How to retrieve video footages from AD Plus Device ?

This article explains how to retrieve video footage from the AD Plus Device On USB Through Veyes App

Steps to retrieve video footage.

  1. In order to retrieve footage from the AD Plus using a USB the following is required:

    1. The camera needs to be physically in the near vicinity of the user.
    2. A USB connector/adaptor is required to connect AD Plus to the USB, by default it comes in the box.

  2. With the requirements mentioned above are met, proceed with the following steps:

    1. Connect the USB to the connector/adaptor.

    2. Connect the connector/adaptor to the AD Plus Camera.

    3. Power up to the camera and connect to the camera’s WIFI (WIFI Name is ST- 003Fxxxxxx). WIFI name takes around 2 minutes to appear after powering up


    1. Open the Veyes App available on IOS Store and Play Store and Login.  
      Address:, Port: 9006, Username: admin, Password: admin)


    2. After accessing the Veyes App, navigate to the Playback tab on the top bar and select the day on which recordings are to be retrieved (Days underlined in green are days where the camera contains recordings)


    3. Select the available channels that recordings are to be retrieved for, and click Next.

    4. Toggle the player to the green bar in which recordings are available where you are able to either play the video recording or export them

    5. To export a video, click on video export and select the start time and confirm, and then select the end time and confirm.

    6. Click on backup and select the option of Video (mp4) Data and press Ok

    7. Wait for the task progress to be completed and when done remove the USB and insert it to your computer to view the exported footage

    8. Once the process is completed, then connect the USB to your laptop/Desktop.


By the above steps, you can retrieve the video from the device if the device still not communicating with the server as well. 

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