How to Troubleshoot LED flashes & Diagnostic Sounds in Geotab

How to Troubleshoot LED flashes & Diagnostic Sounds in Geotab

Upon installation, the device will go through several beeping sequences while going through the connection phases. Below are the beeps and LED flashes in order of when you should hear/see them and what to do if they don’t happen.

Connection Stage

Audio & Visual Confirmation


Power Detection

6 beeps

Confirm connection.
Check for blown fuses.
Try another device.

Ignition Detection

1 short beep
Red LED flashes

Confirm correct harness is installed.

GPS Latch

1 long beep

Blue LED flashes

Ensure vehicle is outside with a clear view of the sky.
Move device on top of dash or away from metal surroundings.

Cellular Latch 1

2 short beeps

Ensure there is cell coverage.
Ensure SIM is active in install tool.
Move device on top of dash.

Cellular Latch 2

3 short beeps
Green LED flashes

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