Mygeotab - Vehicle appearing twice on the map

MyGeotab - Vehicle appearing twice on the map


      Vehicle is showing up twice in two different locations on MyGeotab.


      Mygeotab map search could search zones, VIN, location, and route. Therefore, it's not the vehicle that is showing up twice, but the other one is a location tag which has similar location tag as your vehicle name 
     Sometimes, If we search vehicle name on map search it will not only give us the vehicle but a location tag as well.
     It is because the postal code is similar to the vehicle name.


      In this case, the vehicle name (50-00139) resembles to the postal code or pin of a particular location (somewhere in Rome) (it can       be anywhere) and that's why it is displaying that location as well. 


Please Note: If you encounter a similar instance please ignore it as it doesn't affect anything on the database. It is just a location tag similar to any vehicle name

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