Public Works - Adding or removing users from public works

Public Works - Adding or removing users from public works

If a customer request us to add or remove users from the Public Works platform, please reach out to Geotab Public Works specialist team. 

Before you reach out to Geotab, please ensure that you get all the below mentioned information from the customer: 
  1. First and last name of the user they want to add to public works
  2. Valid email address for that user
  3. Which access rights do they want to provide to that user (admin or non admin)?
  4. If the request is to remove user, simply provide email address of the user
Please reach out to Geotab public works specialist team on below mentioned contact information and they will create a ticket for your request: 
Phone: 1-800-984-6175

Important Note: Reseller or a customer can't remove or add users on their end, so everytime a customer requests to add user please reach out to Geotab and they will do it. Please ensure that the email you are providing for the user should be the same which is already added on Mygeotab. Even if you are a reseller or user on Mygeotab, if you are not added on public works you won't be able to access it and you will get a below mentioned error. 


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