Tablet Troubleshooting

Tablet Troubleshooting

This articles explains the troubleshooting steps to take when your tablet is not connecting to the network.

Mobile/Network Settings

When dealing with network issues for tablets, we need to check the mobile/network settings.


      1. Go to 'Settings'
      2. Click on 'Mobile networks'
      3. Ensure that mobile data and international data roaming are both on.
      4. Also, we need to check the Access Point Name(APN)
  1. The one that SHOULD be selected is att(m2m005211.attz).

      5. If this option is not available, we need to add the APN(by tapping the "plus" button on the top right of the screen.
      6. Only the name and APN fields need to be filled out.
  1. Don't forget to save the APN (again, button on the top right)

If everything is set properly, set the SIM number from client and get Morgan to check if the SIM is active.

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