Troubleshoot a GoDevice

Troubleshoot a GoDevice

Simple Troubleshooting steps:

  1. Ensure the GO device is properly added to your database
  2. Verify there are no device faults on the MyGeotab page
  3. Verify the vehicle is in an area with good cellular coverage.
  4. Power Cycle the Device - unplug and plug it back in while securely fastened. Power ON the vehicle and ensure the GO device is lighting up 
    • If NO lights are appearing on the GO device while the vehicle is powered
      • Verify we have power coming from the vehicle port 
        • If this is not possible, test the device in another working vehicle
        • Check to ensure fuse has not blown
      • Verify we have power coming from the harness if applicable 
        • Install the device without a harness
        • Install/test the device with a different harness
      • Verify there is no visible damage to the GOdevice or the harness 
    • If  ONE light illuminates and the rest flashes while the vehicle is powered
      • The GO device may be provisioning. Allow it to sit for approximately 10 minutes with ignition on all 3 lights should be solid at this point
  5. If NO green “cell light” when the vehicle is powered: 
    • Remove and reinsert the device (power cycle). Once installed, a GO device needs to download the latest firmware in order to activate.  This normally takes 10-15 minutes in an area of good cellular coverage.
    • Once the device is connected and receives power, the LEDs on the front of the device start blinking then turn solid once completing the actions below.
    • Red LED — Device Power Source.
      Green LED — Cellular network connectivity.
      Blue LED — GPS network connectivity.
    • The device emits two quick beeps every 60 seconds during set-up. The initial startup may take several minutes to complete. Once all three LED lights turn solid and you hear 10 quick beeps. The device starts updating when the green and blue LEDs turn solid

6. After the installation, Drive the vehicle for around 30 minutes for each device.

7. If these steps don't work then, try to use the same devices on different vehicles (see if it has same issue).

8. After installing please check the lights for each device and note it down for your reference.

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