Valor- Tire Trailer Kit -Troubleshooting steps for the TempTrac integration?

Valor- Tire Trailer Kit -Troubleshooting steps for the TempTrac integration?

  1. Verify the GO device is functioning correctly.

  2. Verify the GO device has the required firmware. To check the required firmware in MyGeotab:

    1. In MyGeotab, navigate to the Vehicle Edit page and select +More Details.

    2. Scroll down to view the firmware version. 

    3. To ensure the device is on the latest release firmware, please see Firmware Release Notes.

  3. Ensure the IOX-CAN is connected. To check the connection:

    1. Disconnect and reconnect the IOX-CAN.

    2. In MyGeotab, navigate to Engine Measurement page and search for the IOX-CAN diagnostic. 

    3. The value of one, located next to the IOX-CAN diagnostic, indicates the IOX is connected.

  4. Ensure the TempTrac tractor ID is visible on the Engine Measurement page in MyGeotab.

  5. Confirm the sensors are installed correctly and turned ON.

  6. Confirm the sensors are communicating.

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