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            Adding The Cummins Connected Diagnostics Add-in to a Geotab Database

            Ticket 79810
            Client: Blaine Brothers
            Agent: Morgan Crunkleton

            Customer wanted to Cummins Connected Diagnostics add-in installed into their database. To do so, you need to open a ticket with Geotab and provide them with the following information:

            • Database Name:
            • Customer Name
            • Customer Address
            • Name of Customer's main Point of Contact
            • Phone number of Customer's main Point of Contact
            • Email of Customer's main Point of Contact
            • Any other Email which wants to be notified by Cummins' Alert System
            • Name and Email of customer's Cummins contact (if applicable)
            • List of Geotab Device Serial Numbers
            • ensure all devices have the following custom parameter: 
            • <Parameter Description="Enable Engine Snapshot" Offset="164" Bytes="40" IsEnabled="true"/>
            •  Once done, Geotab sends a welcome email to the client and set up is complete
            All devices must be on the pro-plus plan

            Updated: 30 Sep 2019 06:46 AM
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