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            Adding and Editing Users

            Click here or see below for instructions on adding and editing users in MyGeotab


            So far, all the options explained have been applied to the currently signed-in user profile. If you have an administrator account, you have the ability to manage other user profiles by making changes on their behalf. Navigate to Administration from the main menu then select Users from the sub-menu.

            Select a user to manage from the list. The user’s preferences will be shown, allowing you to make changes.

            This screen has three tabs:

            • User (User/Employee settings and assigned groups)

            • Driver (Driver ID settings)

            • Options (User preferences)

            When removing a user, you can choose to make the user historical instead. This will retain the user’s data in the system, but will remove them from lists of users and reports. Some reports give you the option of including historic users in their datasets.

            Preventing User Access to Shared Data

            User accounts can be prevented from viewing data (trips, GPS locations, exception events) that they themselves did not generate. This is useful in scenarios where drivers share a vehicle. The administrator can enable this setting to prevent each driver from seeing the logs and exceptions created by the other drivers.

            Note: This feature currently only prevents a driver’s access to the following shared data: trips, exceptions, and position and speed logs. Data from other types of reports will remain visible to the driver if they belong to the appropriate group.

            This feature can be enabled in the following way:

            1. On the User Edit page under the Driver tab, toggle the Prevent driver access to shared data setting to Yes and click Save.

            Modifying Multiple Users

            If you want to make the same changes to a number of user accounts, you can use the dropdown list in the top right corner to select multiple users.

            Updated: 01 Aug 2019 01:02 AM
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