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            Managing Vehicles

            Click here or see below for instructions on managing vehicles in MyGeotab


            The Vehicles view ( Menu > Vehicles ) displays the vehicles in your database and allows you to add new vehicles or to modify the settings of existing ones.

            Adding a Vehicle

            Select Add and then Add vehicle . The Add Device page will allow you to pair your Telematics Device serial number with your vehicle description. Select OK at the top of the page to complete your addition.

            Importing Multiple Vehicles

            Multiple vehicles can be imported at the same time using the Quick Import tool. Select Add and then Quick import to open a new dialog. Within the text field, enter one device serial number — along with a brief description of the device — per line.

            Click the Import button to begin importing your devices.

            Editing a Vehicle

            Select a vehicle from the list to access the Vehicle Edit page. Here you can edit the device information, the driver feedback options, or the groups to which the vehicle belongs.

            Note : In most cases, the pre-configured settings for new vehicle installations are suitable.
            Updated: 01 Aug 2019 01:02 AM
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