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            Advanced Camera Troubleshooting

            I am not able to view the live video footage on my TRAX database.

            Assuming that the basic troubleshooting steps have been completed (ie. lights and installation, API database camera events, TRAX database camera status and exceptions), the following advanced troubleshooting steps may need to be performed.

            SD card reformat (media error/flashing blue light on CP2/CP4/CRX cameras):

            The SD card will need to be removed from the camera and inserted into a PC.

            You will need to download and install the SD card configuration tool based on which camera you own at the provided link here: https://support.smartwitness.com/support/solutions

            There is also a YouTube video to help guide you through this process at the provided link here: https://support.smartwitness.com/support/solutions/articles/25000012273-format-sd

            Open the configuration tool software and click on Initialize SD Card > (select the SD card from the list) > (select the No Configuration file option) > Start.

            Once the SD card has been initialized, you will need the corresponding settings.ini file to upload the default configuration to the SD card. Click on Open > (locate the settings.ini file) > Save > Eject SD Card.

            You can now place the SD card back into the camera.

            In the case that formatting the SD card does not correct the error/all other troubleshooting steps fail to correct the issue.

            SD card log files (system logs & error logs):

            The SD card will need to be removed from the camera and inserted into a PC.

            Open the root directory of the SD card and locate the Logs folder.

            Within the Logs folder there will be two files (system logs & error logs).

            You will need to forward these files onto SmartWitness and they will have to use their analys software in order to view the logs and determine what the course of action would need to be.

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