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            Creating and Managing Groups

            Click here or see below for instructions on creating and managing groups in MyGeotab

            You can organize your vehicles, exceptions, zones and users into groups to match the layout of your own organization. For instance, if your organization has East and West divisions, then you can easily separate your account in this way. This allows important information for each division to be presented only to those responsible for managing them.

            Managing Groups

            Navigate to Rules & Groups from the main menu then select Groups from the sub-menu. Groups are managed using a graphical interface that shows the hierarchical organization of your organization including the base set of groups provided by the application.

            • Locations (Used to separate assets into the areas they service. For example, East and West)

            • Reports (Used to denote which users receive the available emailed reports)

            • Vocation (Used to organize assets for reporting sales, service, delivery, etc)

            Groups can be placed inside other groups. This allows your account to be set up to match your organization’s hierarchy.

            Updated: 14 Nov 2019 05:32 AM
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