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            EQT Speeding Violations

            Ticket: Various(91804)
            Client: Any EQT Hauler
            Agent: Various

            I received a speeding violation for EQT and I'm disputing it 

            This can be caused by two reasons. The most common one is the device was driving, but not in the EQTC group. And when they add them back to the group, the violations come with it. To fix this, remove the device form the EQTC group and reprocess the data for the vehicle back to the date where this happened.

            The second is they were hit with a speeding violation due to the speed limit being incorrect on the Geotab map. to fix this one, simply update the road speed and reprocess data.

            NOTE: You will need approval from Marshal before doing anything 

            Updated: 14 Nov 2019 05:34 AM
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