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            Fuel Usage Report Issue

            I requested a fuel usage report for my fleet of vehicles, I noticed that the report does not display my entire fleet.

            Upgrading the Geotab firmware is the most common solution when it comes to devices not reporting vehicle fuel usages. The solution would be to call Geotab support and provide the device serial number for the vehicle that is not able to track it's fuel usage in the database. You will also need to provide the vehicle make, model, year, and in some cases the VIN, in order for Geotab to search their database for the firmware needed to be pushed to the corresponding device. Geotab will then push the firmware update to the Geotab device in question, the Geotab device will cycle through a firmware update in which the lights will flash, and the device will make audible beeping sounds to indicate that it is undergoing a firmware update.

            Agent: Nik
            Ticket #: 91024
            Date: May 11, 2019
            Customer: Big Bore Drilling and Hydro-Vac

            Updated: 15 May 2019 05:43 AM
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