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            Geotab Drive Compliance and Implementation Guide [MANDATORY]

            In order to effectively deploy ELD for your fleet and GoFleet to support Geotab Drive questions, you MUST review the Compliance and Implementation guide: Click Here

            We suggest at a minimum you review and understanding the items marked by ** below. 


            Understanding Hours of Service

            Understanding the FMCSA’s Final Rule on ELDs

            Supported Rulesets Explained

            Cloud ELD Defined

            **Understanding Geotab Drive**

            Step 2: Pre-Deployment Steps

            **Step 3: Deployment Processes**

            Step 4: Ongoing Supervision

            **Step 5: Troubleshooting**

            Android Troubleshooting Guide

            iOS Troubleshooting Guide

            Troubleshooting & Useful Info

            Driver Guides

            HOS & Inspections Report

            DVIR Workflow

            Administrator Guides

            Administrator’s Guide for Compliance

            Short Haul


            Hours Of Service

            ELD: Number of Drivers Placed ON Duty (Dashboard)

            ELD: HOS Violations Cost (Email & Dashboard)

            ELD: Excessive Personal Conveyance (Email or Dashboard)

            ELD: Hours Gained (Email)

            ELD: HOS Driver Violation Alert (Email)

            ELD: OFF Duty to Drive Instances (Dashboard or Email)

            ELD: Total ELD Violations by Reasons (Dashboard)

            ELD: Unverified Logs (Email & Dashboard)

            ELD: Notify Dispatch if Driver is Approaching Limit (Email) — Coming Soon

            Small Fleet Driver Payroll (Email)

            Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports

            DVIR: Alert Defects (Email)

            DVIR: Problematic (Email)

            Add-Ins and Useful Tools

            Border Crossing Add-In 60-hour/7-day

            Border Crossing Add-In 70-hour/8-day

            Bulk Import Trailers

            Bulk Import HOS Logs Tool

            Import DVIR Tree Tool

            Kiosk Mode (Clock In & Out) Tool

            Short Haul Switcher (60hr/7day) Add-In

            Short Haul Switcher (60hr/7day) Big Day Add-In

            Driver’s Guide to Geotab Drive Videos

            Updated: 01 Aug 2019 01:42 AM
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