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            Setting Up Clearances

            Click here or see below for instructions on setting up clearances in MyGeotab

            Security clearances control a user’s access to specific features of the application.

            To assign a security clearance to a user account, go to Administration > Users and select one or more users to edit. To add or to modify security clearances, select the Clearances button from the Users page.

            The application defines the following security clearances by default:


            Full access to the application.


            Administrator access minus the ability to change users, databases, engine data, server status, and global system options.

            Default User

            Can create zones and groups; can view data for drivers and vehicles within their data access scope. This is the default clearance for a new user.

            Drive App User

            Can view and administer DVIR logs, HOS logs, and trailers. Can also view and send messages. This is the default clearance for a Drive App user.

            View Only

            Can view (but not modify) all data within data access scope.


            Only has access to support documentation.

            If the default clearances do not meet your requirements, you can create customized sub-clearances as follows:

            1. Select an existing security clearance.

            2. Click the Add Sub-Clearance button.

            3. Modify access to individual features by clicking the checkmark or the cross button.

            4. Name the sub-clearance.

            5. Click Save.

            Note: Sub-clearances must be assigned to users before they can take effect.

            Updated: 01 Aug 2019 01:02 AM
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