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            IFTA Report Not Populating

            Customer: Buffalo Group
            Agent: Morgan Crunkleton

            My IFTA report won't show any data after March 27th. But my trucks are out driving and collecting trip data

            This was caused because the IFTA report was basically "turned off" after the date. To fix this, the database/server needs to be "re-crawled". You need to call Geotab, explain the situation and get them to enable it again. This is called a re-crawl and can take a few days. If it is an emergency and the customer needs the data right away, we can request Geotab put the database/server at the front of the que. 

            Once this is complete, the data will repopulate. no data will be lost. 

            Updated: 15 Aug 2019 05:04 AM
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