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            IOX-GO TALK device setup

            My IOX-GO TALK device is not speaking audible alerts when rule exceptions are triggered.
            How do I configure/integrate my IOX-GO TALK into my Geotab database?

            Please perform the installation of the GOTALK  as mentioned on page 2 of this document: 
            Ensure the GOTALK is securely plugged into the GO device 
            Ensure when the GOTALK is powered up, it communicates: "GOTALK Connected" in your selected language 
            Check Engine Measurements for the "IOX TTS" log and confirm the log exists and that it shows 1

            Turn on Driver feedback for Idling > (Set value to 1 minute).
            If getting engine data: Turn on Driver feedback Beep on engine RPM > (Set value to 500 RPM).
            Ensure the GOTALK speaks when breaking these rules.
            During testing ensure the light on the GOTALK is lit up green.

            You can also try the custom parameters once again.

            <GoParameters><Parameter Description="GoTalk min Volume level=2 (0 to 6)" Offset="175" Bytes="3"/></GoParameters>

            NOTE: The volume is from 0 to 6. The volume can be changed by changing the Bytes section e.g Bytes="3" or Bytes="5".

            Agent: Nik
            Ticket #: 89557
            Date: May 15, 2019
            Customer: Matheson Constructors

            Updated: 6 days ago
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