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            Reprocessing Speeding Violations

            My driver was driving the speed limit and I was notified of this even with an invalid speeding violation

            In order to reprocess invalid speeding violations due to incorrect speeds posted, you will need to log into the Hauler_Network Geotab database. Once logged in, you will need to select Map on the left menu. From the Map menu you will need to select the Trips History button at the top and then select the vehicle. 

            Afterwards, you will need to select the date of the speeding violation by scrolling through the dates at the top left corner of the list. Once the specific date of the incident is selected, you will then need to select the specific trip(s) of the incident, at which point the map will open displaying the highlighted trip(s). Zoom into the location of the speeding violation and left click the road where the violoation occured. A menu will pop up.

            Select Update posted road speed. 

            Enter the road speed and click Apply changes. On the left menu select Rules & Groups > Rules, at the top select Reprocess Data drop down menu.

            Enter the date of the speeding violation followed by the vehicle and click Apply changes.

            Agent: Nik
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            Date: May 12, 2019
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            Updated: 15 May 2019 05:37 AM
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