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            Tablet not connecting to the network

            Agent: Morgan

            My tablet is no longer connecting to the network

            If a tablet is not connecting to the network, we need to do the following troubleshooting steps:
            First, head to settings--->mobile networks

            Once there, check the following 3 things:

            1. Mobile data is turned on
            2.International data is turned on
            3. the Access Point Name(APN) selected is att - m2m005211.attz

            NOTE: If this tablet/SIM is from connectUS, the APN will be KORE - 10569.mcs
            You can tell this by whether the tablet is locked with surelock or not

            If everything is set up properly, it is most likely an issue with the SIM and will need to contact the provider(Goknows or ConnectUS)

            Updated: 15 Feb 2019 02:28 AM
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